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The Bourne marques were designed by R.M. 'Rip' Martins in the early 1960's and built by a Nottingham firm called Bourne Plastics, after the work was turned down by Halmatic. The original order was for twelve 35ft hulls, six for R.Moores and six for Herbert Woods, the first hull being delivered in 1962. He then set up the name 'Griffin Craft' to market the hulls. Originally known as the Griffin 35, it soon became known as the Bourne 35. Its success led to the development of a 40ft version and later a 30ft one. These have subsequently been used as the basis for a number of other classes including Aquafibre and Ocean.

Bourne Moulding has been a difficult style gallery to create, because Bourne did not produce complete craft, rather they supplied hulls to be finished off by the individual boatbuilders or yards. As a result, this is a very diverse gallery and a number of the classes are already included in other style galleries.

The main boatyards which built upon Bourne hulls include Moores, Powles & Ernest Collins of Wroxham and Aston Boats at Loddon. Others may come to light in future.


Because of its complexity with well over 40 designs, I have decided to split the three marques into separate galleries, with links below. I have also included links to the three major galleries which evolved from the Bourne Mouldings

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