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Although the database has been built from my sightings of craft over the last almost 40 years, I am also grateful for the invaluable assistance I've received from a number of enthusiasts and boat owners who have supplied additional information about a number of the craft. In particular Daniel Horner and Raymond Walker who have supplied a mass of valuable information about craft leaving the Broads and for the period I wasn't visiting the Broads (1984-94).

Craft Entries

With the notable exceptions above, I have not indicated the source individually on the boat entries, simply 'reported by another recorder'. With over 1,000 people supplying information, I cannot list them all here, but I an endebted to them all for their valuable assistance.

From 2008, under the Freedom of Information, I have been able to check the basic information of name, registration number, style and dimensions against the toll lists of the Broads Authority, this has enabled a large number of craft I have never seen to be included in the database, however, the accuracy of these records is based solely on the Broads Authority list and the records are 'tagged' as such. All the lists from 1990/91 through to 2014/15 have now been analysed and the data included in the website.

Design Details

The information describing the myriad of designs on the site have been acquired from a wide variety of sources including, but not exclusively, the following:

  • Blakes, Hoseasons and other boat hire catalogues
  • Boats for sale listing from a wide variety of boat brokerages
  • Company websites of manufacturers, designers and boat hirers
  • Jones Boatyard
  • Websites of other enthusiasts and boat-owners' clubs
  • Wikipedia

Although I have made the best efforts to ensure information on the website is correct, there are occasions where data sources are contradictory, hence I will not confirm any information is correct and will not be held responsible of any decisions made based on data from


The majority of the photographs within the database are my own, however, the list of people supplying photographs is now very long, so I will restrict listing to those required by copyright:

Note that all photographs included in the database are taken from the publicly accessible areas, or with the permission of the owners.

A number of photographs are taken from old catalogues and although not my copyright, I cannot contact the original copyright holder because the company(s) no longer exists, those within Blakes and Hoseasons catalogues are credited to the agency and reproduced with their permission. If anyone has a valid reason for objecting to the display of any of these photographs, please contact the author and they will be removed.


On the style galleries many of the manufacturers logos are displayed. These remain the copyright of the original manufacturer, and if there is any objection to is display, it will be removed on request.

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