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The vast bulk of the information held on these pages has been accrued via Internet searches and personal communication with colleagues and other interested persons and it therefore open to mistakes. Please do not make any vital or important decisions based solely on this information, I will not be held responsible for any problems caused by decisions made based on the information held in this website.

Boat Designs

Whilst I have made every effort to ensure the information about each boat design is as accurate as possible, there are many instances where contradictory information make the entry dubious - I have tried to use original manufacturer's information where possible, but for many of the older designs that is not available. For wooden craft, they are hand-built, and as a result the dimensions, etc. may differ for craft which are advertised as the same class.

The accuracy of design identification is again based on Internet checks, but can sometimes be totally wrong because of erroneous information (often from the boat owner themselves) - this is especially true of craft I have never seen, i.e. their entry is based solely on second-hand information - if any of there errors are noticed please contact me with any corrections.

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